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Fourth Sunday ,Advent,Dec.24,2000C.Lk.1:39-45

4th Sun.of Adv.Dec.24,2000, C

Within a short time, we will be celebrating Christmas and enjoying all the joys of that magnificent event. Christmas, although celebrated in a month of cold and snow is spiritually an experience of inner warmth, an experience of a warm Sun-rise in our hearts. One of our great poets, Wordsworth who was a great lover of the glories of nature’s beauty would go into raptures at the slightest experience of the tiniest forms of natural beauty. Clouds, daffodils, rivers, humble village folks would all arouse in him intense feelings of joy. Remembering his visit to the river Wye, he speaks of the intense emotions it has aroused in him and calls the nature, the mother of these beauteous forms, the nurse, the guide and the guardian of his heart and soul. All these poetic expressions of Wordsworth are incapable of describing one of the most beautiful events that happened in human history, the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ—God becoming man.

In today’s Gospel we come across two participants in that great drama of Revelation, Mary and her cousin Elizabeth. Mary cannot keep the joy of being the Mother of God within herself. She wanted to share that joy. She walks all that distance to meet Elizabeth to share her joy with her. But there Elizabeth greets her as a prophetess announcing right away that Mary is the mother of the Lord and praises her for believing in the word of God.

Today Elizabeth asks each one of us to follow the path of Mary –of total trust in God’s providence. Mary had her crises and tragedies to experience. But she was not upset or disturbed. She saw the hand of God guiding her, and fully believed in God’s power in protecting her. As we go along the road of our lives, we too should experience the peace and joy that Mary enjoyed by putting our trust in God.

The late Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Basil Hume once said: “ I think of myself as a pilgrim through life. I came from nothing, I shall be here some sixty, seventy or possibly more years, and then I shall no longer be here. My stay here has a clear beginning and a definite end. …. But there is one who is on the look-out to guide us: it is the Son of God who is the way, the truth and the life.”

That is what our Blessed virgin reminds us today: there is one on the look out for us. Trust in him and have no fear.

Christmas is a time for each one of us to renew our hope and peace. Never more should we allow the dark clouds of our lives to take away the inner joy of our heart. We know the great secret of the Universe. That the Lord of the Universe is not a distant figure uninterested in what is going on in our lives. He is deeply concerned about us: He has taken a dominant role in our lives: He became one of us. “ God so loved the world that He gave His only son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life.”

We may experience tensions and difficulties; tragedies may haunt us and life may bring a lot of problems creating worry and fear in our lives. But the joy of the knowledge that God is with us will help us to tide over all these problems and keep our feet firmly rooted on this earth. Today as we listened to the words of Elizabeth, let us trust in the power of the word of god and feel comforted like the Blessed Virgin Mary that our Loving God will never forsake us, however powerful the tempests of our lives may be.

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